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AI-Powered Machine Learning in AP Automation

GEP SMART AP Automation easily integrates with ERPs – enabling actionable business results quickly and accurately. The power of the platform resides within GEP MINERVA™ – GEP’s proprietary AI technology. GEP SMART AP Automation receives supplier invoices through EDI, email or hard copies (brought into the software using AI-enabled OCR) and uses customer-specific policies and GEP MINERVA AI to detect duplicate invoices.

Cloud-native, platform-agnostic GEP SMART AP Automation seamlessly integrates with your ERP system and performs a two-way or three-way match based on preset tolerances, configurable rules and user guidelines. It feeds the matches, rejections or exceptions into an optimized workflow that empowers the buyer to review and accept the invoice, make amends or reach out to suppliers for clarification or with a changed order.

This powerful platform delivers a truly automated invoice-matching process – with minimal exceptions requiring manual intervention. And, with everything stored on a single database, GEP SMART AP Automation improves traceability of purchase orders and invoices, promotes transparency and boosts auditability. It increases visibility into outstanding obligations and helps in optimizing working capital by capitalizing on early payment discounts.

GEP MINERVA is native to GEP Software, including GEP SMART, our procurement platform and GEP NEXXE, our supply chain platform. Our user-first philosophy ensures that the software is intuitive, easy to use and efficient. These are the cornerstones of GEP Software – making it simple to integrate and deploy.