Make Smart Decisions Leveraging GEP SMART<sup>&trade;</sup>

Make Smart Decisions Leveraging GEP SMART

September 26, 2017 | Contract Management Blogs

Software can not only influence the procurement function but can also impact the whole enterprise. Now, more than ever, the behavior and activity across the organization in day-to-day purchasing are driving procurement outcomes. New trends and the introduction of emerging technologies to the procurement industry, mean it is essential for CPOs to stay abreast of the latest developments. Being aware of the overall direction of procurement management technology in 2017 and beyond should be a key priority. So how can CPOs drive more value and improve their organizations’ bottom line?

The latest Solution Impact Analysis (SIA) report, by Ardent Partners, delivers insights to CPOs and business leaders on how GEP SMARTTM can impact their business processes, inter-departmental relations and bottom-line results. Using a series of in-depth interviews, discussions and research, the SIA report analyzes the strategic, operational and financial impact of GEP’s unified source-to-pay platform. It also includes metrics, detailed findings and case studies from the experiences of end-users and customers who have used the innovative, cloud-native, source-to-pay automation software.

The impact of GEP SMART on various organizations across the globe has also been highlighted in the report. Customers interviewed, shared the common benefits of deploying GEP SMART in their procurement and supply chain processes, that include:

  • Significantly better visibility into spend, suppliers, processes, and compliance
  • Greater influence and power to place more spend under management
  • Improved process efficiencies across different areas of operation
  • Better engagement and collaboration with business stakeholders and executives
  • Greater sourcing throughput and sourcing savings
  • Improved bottom-line results

To know how GEP SMART can change your sourcing and procurement processes, and the way you do business, download the report

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