A single, unified portal both you and your suppliers will love A single, unified portal both you and your suppliers will love

Supplier Acceptance

Collaborating with suppliers can be easy, efficient, far more productive and a whole lot less complicated if your choice of software is as easy for the supplier to use as it is for your team. Sharing requests for information, getting faster acknowledgements of purchase orders and accessing survey responses should all be done with minimal effort, and recognizing that suppliers are equally important stakeholders makes the whole process work.

GEP SMARTTM is simple to use, for buyers and suppliers alike. Just as it enables you to easily review supplier profiles or keep a track of transactions, it gives your suppliers a straightforward way to keep their records updated, share important certification documents, respond to requests for proposals, participate in bidding events, collaborate on contracts, accept and process orders, submit invoices and track payment statuses — all at their fingertips, any time and on any device.

A great user experience is for all users, after all. Suppliers are often required to use multiple competing procurement software tools to serve their range of customers. Since very few of those tools are designed with the supplier experience in mind, it’s no surprise that suppliers love using GEP SMART. And with good reasons — it’s completely free, ensures faster payments, provides enhanced visibility, reduces end-to-end cycle times, notifies them about new business opportunities, and facilitates easy collaboration with their most important customers.

GEP SMART also serves as an online repository, storing all critical documents and allowing easy access to them whenever required. It helps reduce the overall cost of order handling through paperless transactions and optimizes contract utilization by the buyers – a real boon for the supplier.

With an array of self-service tools, suppliers can upload catalog files or manage punch-out credentials, complete with buyer workflow approval routing. Full subject-focused training for assistance with registration and getting started is also provided. A 24x5 help desk provides email and phone support for queries or service requests at no cost to the supplier. And if all that isn’t enough, it even brings the convenience of directly flipping purchase orders to invoices, rapidly making GEP SMART the suppliers' preferred way to work with their customers.

Get Up-To-Date, Accurate and Reliable Supplier Information With GEP SMART Supplier Management Software

Multi-System Integration

GEP SMART integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise systems — ERPs, SRMs or sourcing tools — to create new supplier records and update transactions. Supplier master data is validated and cleansed automatically while loading.

Data Integrity

GEP SMART ’s Supplier Master Data Management tool automatically aggregates, cleans and normalizes supplier data records. It then compares the supplier master data to GEP SMART s Vendor Master for verification and quality assurance.

Iterative Processing

Supplier MDM processes data in batch and real-time cadences. Real-time services execute at point of entry, record creation and updates. Batch services execute against existing supplier records during migration and initial integration.

Workflow & Administration

Review actions taken by the Supplier MDM tool ensure enterprises have a single, trusted source of truth for all supplier data. Users can centrally govern master data using configurable business rules, enabled processes and workflows.

Vendor Master

GEP SMART ’s vendor master acts as a trustworthy primary source for the master data records of every supplier in the enterprise. This ensures that the supplier risk and performance modules are consistently stocked with accurate vendor data.

Live Supplier Record

Supplier MDM removes duplicates and enriches records with verified updates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data. It also provides holistic visibility into supplier history and performance across operating units, time, and geography.