Approval Workflow

Managing approvals can be an unwieldy, time-intensive process prone to errors, if done manually. The absence of a proper workflow and controls often results in a very real disconnect between the goals of business users and enterprise procurement teams. If obtaining an approved purchase order through the designated process takes too long or is too cumbersome, users will resort to side-stepping the official process and management of spend is lost. Hence the need for a robust approval workflow mechanism that can enforce policy but which is flexible enough to be fast and effective.

GEP SMARTTM provides a central, unified platform for purchasers and suppliers to initiate a huge variety of purchase and spend requests. GEP SMART’s approval workflows can be modeled to meet enterprise-specific processes, and give managers the ability to configure their workflow according to circumstances, including delegations, pool approval, and changing spend limits and conditions.

Approval workflows in GEP SMART ensure that spend is subjected to appropriate oversight at every stage. Users can graphically track the past and current requests, see where each requisition and order is in the approval process, and approvers can add comments, re-route and escalate or delegate approvals on the fly. 

Requesters can receive timely notifications every time the status of a requisition or order changes. Dynamic routing configures workflows according to role, function or location, eliminating the need for manual updates every time personnel change. With the option to specify ad-hoc approvers, the business can be better informed and have greater oversight of the spend process.

Managing approvals with GEP SMART improves compliance and ensures timely completion of the Requisition-to-Order process and makes sure your internal customers get what they need, when they need it and without having to look elsewhere. GEP SMART’s approval workflow engine gives you the power to perform better and the flexibility to do more.



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