Power your procurement workflow processes Power your procurement workflow processes


Requisition is not only the first step in the procure-to-pay process but is a vital tool in enterprise buying when used correctly. If the requisition process is cumbersome or onerous, your requestors may look for an easier route to get the goods and services they need. 

GEP SMARTTM features a requisition processing engine that enables you to raise smarter purchase requests quicker, helping guide purchase decisions as buyers browse for products, offering a sophisticated shopping experience that optimizes compliant spending.

Simply put, requisition processing from GEP SMART will lead you to your favored purchasing channels, ensuring that you buy the right products at the right price from the right supplier, through a correct and approved route. Say goodbye to all those laborious hours spent scouring countless catalogs, in search of items to meet a simple request. 

Now you can empower your requestors, and your purchasing department; direct users to the right categories and suppliers, and conduct advanced product searches to find exactly what you are looking for.  GEP SMART’s guided buying always takes you to the right purchasing decision. Finally, GEP SMART gives you the power to track the status of your requests from point of demand through order, acknowledgment, shipping, delivery, invoice receipt, approval and settlement.

With requisition processing from GEP SMART, you can deploy a robust buying mechanism across your enterprise and conduct an effective campaign against maverick, off-contract buying. What’s more, the consumer-like shopping interface is intuitive, easy to use, and offers a familiar purchasing experience for all catalog, punch-out, and non-catalog items such as on-hand inventory. This promises higher and faster adoption, while streamlining the buying process across your enterprise. 


Punch-out Catalogs

No more of manual catalog maintenance. Find a consolidated list of items from all supplier websites, external procurement applications or hosted e-procurement systems at one place – GEP SMART

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Hosted Catalogs

Eliminate the need to integrate complicated e-commerce systems or rely on third-party operators – GEP SMART’s hosted catalogs make it easier for suppliers to sell more and for enterprises to buy better

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Guided Buying

Purchase goods and services through the best buy-pay channel and from preferred suppliers. Fine-tune the guided buying process to suit your buying preferences and drive higher compliance with GEP SMART

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Blanket Order

Effectively manage recurring, pre-specified purchases, drive higher purchasing compliance and achieve leaner operations with artificial intelligence powered GEP SMART

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Catalog Maintenance

Provide your suppliers access to maintain, update and refresh their catalogs, and customize pricing and inventory and enjoy a familiar shopping experience

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Contract Utilization

Track your contract utilization and evaluate whether or not your hard-negotiated contracts are delivering optimal value and savings with GEP SMART