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Compliance Tracking and Reporting

You’ve just negotiated a new deal for all your office supplies, globally. With excellent pricing and same-day service delivery. The potential for across-the-board savings is terrific. But that’s all it is, a potential. Ensuring that those savings are actually realized is a different thing altogether. Perhaps, the pricing is dependent upon a certain minimum spend level across the world, or from each region separately. 

Perhaps, the supplier was overly optimistic in claiming to be able to offer same-day delivery at those prices. In either case, the savings and benefits might turn out to be different from what you had first envisaged. That’s where GEP SMART comes in — with comprehensive tracking and reporting for contract compliance and contract utilization.

With the contract at the heart of the source-to-pay process, you can track your purchase orders against the contract and report on price or other variances between contract and invoice. So far so good. With supplier performance analysis, you can report on delivery turnaround times — contracted versus actual. So you’ll know if same-day service is really same day. But how do you know whether the contract is being utilized by your buyers to full effect? How do you know if there’s a lot of maverick, non-contractual spend? 

That’s where GEP SMART comes into its own. With spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and purchasing functionality in one unified source-to-pay procurement software solution, you can identify immediately who is buying what, from where, from which suppliers, at what price, and know instantly whether your contract is being underutilized or even ignored by your buyers. Smart, isn’t it?










GEP SMART’s contract management tools provide end-to-end, company-wide contract management capabilities — from initial request all the way through long-term maintenance, monitoring and analysis of performance. Contract data flows easily throughout the contract life cycle — affording smarter, faster work processes, and galvanizing time- and labor-saving innovations, such as automatic document creation.

Collaborative Contract Authoring

Comprehensive contract creation and approval functionality — from collaborative redlining with stakeholders and suppliers to digital signatures — speeds up the contract authoring process

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Source-to-Pay Integration

Create contracts directly from supplier offers in any sourcing event. Push the negotiated prices and terms into online catalogs to facilitate easy, compliant purchases and drive more savings

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Enterprise-Wide Contract Intelligence

Single procurement data warehouse with intuitive dashboards provides full contract visibility, showing contract utilization and compliance, as well as supplier performance metrics and risk status

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Intelligent Contract Repository

With robust, free-text and string search of the centralized, web-based contract warehouse, you can quickly find any contract-related information you need — anytime, anywhere, from any device

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Compliance Tracking & Reporting

GEP SMART's integrated reports help you easily monitor contract execution and contract compliance, based on user-defined attributes, to ensure compliance at every stage of the purchasing cycle

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Auto Alerts & Event Reminders

GEP SMART's user-configurable auto-alerts trigger action at key points in the contracting life cycle, allowing you to effectively plan contract reviews, renewals, or rebids

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