Work the way you want Work the way you want

Comprehensive Workflows

Every business is different, not least when it comes to how purchases are approved and signed off. In some organizations, there is a strict hierarchy for purchasing approvals. For example, requisitions are signed off by the line manager before becoming orders. These orders, in turn, must be signed off by category buyers and finance managers before being approved. In other organizations, some employees have preapproved rights to purchase certain categories up to certain limits. And, of course, every other possible permutation exists somewhere.

GEP SMARTTMcan handle all of it. With approvals based on value, category, geography and business unit: workflows can be hierarchical, parallel or pool; apply to requisitions, orders, or both; and vary right across your enterprise to suit local circumstances or to enforce company policy.

GEP SMART works the way you work, the way you want your business to work. That makes a difference, doesn’t it?


Punch-out Catalogs

No more of manual catalog maintenance. Find a consolidated list of items from all supplier websites, external procurement applications or hosted e-procurement systems at one place – GEP SMART

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Hosted Catalogs

Eliminate the need to integrate complicated e-commerce systems or rely on third-party operators – GEP SMART’s hosted catalogs make it easier for suppliers to sell more and for enterprises to buy better

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Guided Buying

Purchase goods and services through the best buy-pay channel and from preferred suppliers. Fine-tune the guided buying process to suit your buying preferences and drive higher compliance with GEP SMART

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Blanket Order

Effectively manage recurring, pre-specified purchases, drive higher purchasing compliance and achieve leaner operations with artificial intelligence powered GEP SMART

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Catalog Maintenance

Provide your suppliers access to maintain, update and refresh their catalogs, and customize pricing and inventory and enjoy a familiar shopping experience

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Contract Utilization

Track your contract utilization and evaluate whether or not your hard-negotiated contracts are delivering optimal value and savings with GEP SMART