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Covid 19 Resource Center

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has rocked businesses worldwide, impacting procurement and supply chain operations at an unprecedented level. As the situation intensifies, a combination of weakened financial markets, workforce disruption and restricted mobility are making business stability a formidable challenge as global enterprises grapple with sluggish growth, diminished profitability and insufficient cash flow.

Our resource center contains essential material to help you comprehend, prepare and react swiftly to the disruption caused by COVID-19.


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Digital Transformation in a Post-Pandemic World Webcast By Santosh Nair

Business Stability a Challenge? GEP Can Help

Whether the goal is maintaining healthy working capital, managing demand and supply risk, preserving bottom line or ensuring supply chain stability, it's difficult for businesses to find efficiency in these trying times.

Learn how GEP’s unparalleled software and strategy solutions — featuring end-to-end digital transformation — can help ensure your procurement and supply chain organization stays resilient and effective.


GEP understands this is an emergency period, but there are opportunities which supply chain leaders and businesses can utilize to address existential challenges. Our resource center contains essential material to help you comprehend, prepare and react swiftly to the disruption caused by COVID-19. We understand business stability is a challenge for everyone right now, and only a quick, coordinated, strategic effort can arrest the slide.

With 20 years of procurement and supply chain experience, GEP is uniquely positioned to help build targeted downturn strategies quickly and effectively. Utilize the resource center to empower value chain, improve planning and productivity — to accelerate the implementation of strategies to shield your enterprise from COVID-19 supply chain impact.

Although the crisis is unprecedented, we believe there is a lot to learn from this unsettling experience. The COVID-19 resource center has several key insights that leaders can take note of — including action plans that can make your business more resilient and your supply chain more durable. From obtaining the right insurance coverage to diversifying supply resources and maintaining a closer relationship with your suppliers — get the insights into key strategies right now.

With unrivaled domain expertise, GEP has created and delivered unified supply chain solutions of unprecedented scale, power and effectiveness since its inception. Our deep knowledge of industry-specific practices — combined with client-specific supply chain research — can help you manage risks and optimize your supplier network, for now and the future.