Transform Your Invoice Reconciliation Transform Your Invoice Reconciliation

Reconciliation & Routing

GEP SMART AP Automation ramps up the efficiency of your AP team. Make reconciliation and routing to internal departments and suppliers a quick, pain-free experience. Goodbye, manual approval handling. Hello, touchless user experiences. Gain systematic visibility of outstanding invoices and approvals driving total AP control and optimization. Keep your AP team organized and up to date. The user-centric workflow is also designed for use by AP stakeholders – such as suppliers and procurement and finance teams – effectively creating a touchless invoice environment. For everyone. Drive optimization into the process.

Here’s how: Configurable tolerances can be set up that allow you to select which fields need to be considered for matching. Routing for resolution is automated, removing the need to chase approvals. Invoices can be matched against a purchase order (PO) in several ways. Either via a two-way match or against a PO and GR (a “goods received event”) or three-way match. They are completely configurable to your multi-department needs. For example, you can configure your taxes to be either included or excluded from consideration during matching. When a mismatch occurs, the software can automatically create a document that can help resolve the problem — and automatically route it to the proper party. A mismatched tax entry can be routed to the tax team. Pricing mismatches can be routed to the professional buyer who is responsible for the relationship with the supplier.

If a required GR is missing – meaning the goods have not yet been received – the mismatch can be routed to the requisitioner for confirmation. In this example, GEP SMART AP Automation users will be able to automatically generate and log a GR document and reconcile the invoice — and can include multiple mismatches routed in parallel to the appropriate parties.

Reconciling invoices to POs and GRs gives you the control you need and the oversight and accuracy to confirm that you are paying invoices appropriately — and quickly. It ensures compliance and helps control spend because POs require approvals. Users of GEP SMART AP Automation software can leverage the configurable queue management workflow with automated routing, reviews and approvals to manage high-volume invoice processing.