Start small. Expand. Grow with your AP needs. Start small. Expand. Grow with your AP needs.

Rapid Integration

You can purchase GEP SMART AP Automation as a stand-alone solution or you can purchase it as part of the GEP SMART suite. As a stand-alone cloud solution, it will integrate with any major ERP system to automate your AP operation.

Cloud solutions are now the new standard for back office solutions, including procurement and accounts payable departments. While many ERP systems have tools that can be customized to integrate with AP systems, they are often difficult to work with or become obsolete too quickly. Not here.

GEP SMART AP Automation represents the lowest barrier to entry into digital transformation. Quick to deploy and configure, GEP SMART AP Automation reduces the total cost of ownership by offering substantial upstart and long-term savings for you — and your suppliers. Here’s why: There is no hardware or complex, multi-year software maintenance agreement to purchase. And, we never charge your suppliers to use the GEP SMART AP Software.