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Global invoice compliance is a cornerstone of the GEP SMART AP Automation solution. GEP partners with Sovos (TrustWeaver) to support invoice compliance for many countries worldwide. Regardless of invoice volume, country or region, GEP SMART AP Automation has it covered. From thousands of invoices per month from so-called “easy” invoice territories or just a handful from countries that have complex invoice rules, GEP SMART AP Automation can process them all.

Inbound invoices from complex territories with clearance regulatory regimes are OCR-scanned where necessary and immediately processed through the Sovos (TrustWeaver) system in real time where they are validated for global compliance, ensuring no delays.

GEP SMART AP Automation software also enables tax entry on invoices as a percentage, rate or value. It can pull tax tables from an ERP system or a tax engine, such as Thomson Reuters. GEP SMART AP Automation can match taxes from a PO, provided by a supplier and/or tax engine to raise exceptions as necessary. Those exceptions can be auto routed to a tax team for resolution.